Cash Vouchers Policy

How to obtain Heavyarm Cash Voucher(s)?

  • You get cashback in form of cash voucher(s) for every purchase in our Retail above RM150.
  • You will entitle double times calculation of cash voucher reward on normal day purchase.
  • You will entitle triple times calculation or cash voucher reward on your birthday month.
  • You will entitle five times cash voucher reward on Preorder Games Software.

How is Heavyarm Cash Voucher(s) work?

  • We have 5 types of Heavyarm Cash Voucher(s), which is RM5 (Brown), RM10 (Red), RM20 (Green), RM50 (Blue), and RM100 (Purple).
  • Cash Voucher(s) usually can obtain when you purchase above RM150 and only apply for walk-in customers.
  • Maximum usage per day is RM30 Cash Vouchers.
  • Heavyarm Cash Vouchers is restricted from apply on Promotional items, Intangible products such as Digital Codes, Foods and Package Deal.

What if my Cash Voucher(s) Lost?

We are unable to replace you with Cash Voucher(s) if you have lost it.


Cash vouchers rules and regulations is subjected to change without prior notice by us.