PS4 Hori Tactical Assault Commander Grip G1

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This innovative mini controller and mouse will give you PC-style control and precision for first-person shooter and fight simulation games played on the PS4!  This version gives you a small DualShock type controller with thumbstick and buttons for your left hand, with a handy grip strap; the cable on the mouse points upward so it won’t drag or catch on your surroundings!  The mouse has 8 sensitivity settings.  Software is included for setup and configuration.

  • PC-style mouse and Gamepad Control
  • Optimized for FPS games
  • Fully Programmable with adjustable settings and profiles
  • Gives users the best of both worlds
  • Touch Pad included
  • Fully compatible with PS3/PS4/PC
  • Additional Buttons: SNIPE, QUICK MOVE, WALK
  • Officially Licensed by Sony

Key Features:

  • LED-Guided Configuration: Use the high-quality LED Light display to easily program your TAC GRIP. LED flashes respond intuitively to your calibrations so you’re always fully aware of the inputs and sensitivities you’re assigning.
  • Exclusive Input Features: Exclusive TAC-only features include SNIPE Button; slow down your sight-axis at the push of a button for a perfect headshot and QUICK Button; temporarily speeds up turn sensitivities allowing you to perform 180/360 spins at high speeds – perfect for clearing rooms or defending bases.
  • 3200 DPI Optical Mouse: High-speed fully programmable optical gaming mouse with 8 buttons and a scroll-wheel. DPI can be adjusted at the push of a button.