PC Betop D2E Wired Vibration Gamepad


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Transplanted to PC games type: such as final fantasy 14, FIFA online 3, watchdog, free football, gta5, NBA 2K, 3, 5, the best speed 17 / 18, assassins, Tomb Raider 9, nine mission, Persia, force 2, dust 3, murder, Doo Hyun king, dark blood system 2, and so on no need simulation software, that is in play (PC360 mode) only DE.D2E version of the supports. PC computer XP, win7, win8 system traditional games: support the mainstream simulator game such as shin Sangoku Musou live, 2014, KOF, lightning, etc. (ordinary computer models) are supported. Android 4 system platform (all kinds of mainstream set-top boxes, mobile phones, tablet, TV, with USB slot) Android platform without the need to set up, that is, plug and play (Android BFM mode) are supported.

  • Support PC/ Android platform
  • X4D game engine leap upgrade
  • Non symmetric dual motion motor