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The ASUS Cerberus V2 Gaming Headset is your go-to headset with its dual-microphone design for flexibility in use while delivering a full, immersive sound with 53mm drivers. Designed with you in mind, full size wrap-around leather ear cushions and an ergonomic headband clasp ensure comfort throughout long gaming marathons.

Exclusive 53mm Asus Essence drivers

Exclusive ASUS Essence drivers fully immerse you in the game with lifelike sound effects. ASUS engineers reduced the size of the drivers from 60mm in the original Cerberus to 53mm in Cerberus V2, enabling the headphones to have larger chambers for richer, more natural sound.

Stainless steel headband

To withstand the rigors of intense gaming, Cerberus V2’s headband has been redesigned with a durable, stainless-steel construction. This new design is not only 70% stronger than the original Cerberus, but 60% lighter and 50% thinner as well, making it more comfortable and well suited for long gaming sessions and listening to music on the go.

Wrap-around ear cushions

Cerberus V2 has all-new ear cushions that provide a 30% larger coverage area and 50% better sound insulation to keep you more comfortable and immersed in your game.

Dual microphones

Cerberus V2 is thoughtfully designed with two microphones: a detachable boom mic that provides clear communication when gaming, and an in-line microphone that is convenient for phone calls and other everyday tasks.

  • 53mm ASUS Essence neodymium-magnet drivers deliver full, immersive sound with resounding bass and precise audio positioning
  • Full size wrap-around leather cushions ensure comfort throughout long gaming sessions
  • Detachable, flexible microphone boom and in-line microphone for clear communication whether at home or on the go
  • Flexible connectivity with 1.5m audio/mic Y-splitter and alternative adapter to connect with PC/Mac, Playstation, mobile devices and more
  • Stainless steel headband for a tough, long-lasting design


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