Preorder & Refund Policy

What is the Heavyarm U Garage Store Preorder & Refund Policy?

We recommend you read our Preorder & Refund Policy prior to making any preorder from us, so you are familiar with our policy on preorder, refund and your legal rights and remedies.

Contact us via Facebook page inbox for the game, software or item you want to preorder. Usually we will require you to made at least RM100 deposit to our Company Bank Account to complete the preorder process. Eligible Preorder Customers include below benefits:

  • Free shipping for standard edition games (No more than 500 grams weight).
  • Enjoy up to 5 times member points if you are to self-collect the Games from our Retails. Kindly remind our staff if you didn’t get the points upon collection.
  • Priority on allocated Preorder bonus, initial premiums, gifts, lucky draw, any form of upgrade or  rewards if any.
  • Preorder Price guarantee, except the currency exchange factors lose control.
  • Secure your games on release date/ stock arrival date in case there is shortage of goods.


Can I Refund/Cancel my Preorder?

Preorder cannot be refund/cancelled once the deposit is made. Please ensure to read our Preorder & Refund Policy before confirming your preorder. However, one exchange is allowed per preorder if you change your mind about a preorder titles made from the us in 14 days before game release. The exchange items have to be equal value of Preorder Products. If you insisted proceed to cancellation, your deposit or payments will forfeited.


Under what Conditions is/are the Preorder Refundable?

  • The Publisher changes the actual release date 6 months away from original release date or become to be announced.
  • We couldn’t fulfill your Preorder slot (s). Rarely, but sometimes happen when suppliers screwed up.
  • The information which we provide to you when Preorder is wrong information or last minute change.
  • The games (same region) delayed more than 2 days from our Retail side due to unforeseen circumstances.


What happen if the Preorder information is wrong or delayed?

We can allow refund for the item (s). Other than that, there is no other types of compensation method will made. We don’t usually provide wrong information about Preorder Bonus, but sometimes it will screw up due to wrong information which we received from Supplier or different Region treatment, digital exclusive and etc. For the stock delay part, it is also beyond our control if there is factors such as shipment stuck, shipment split to few batches or authorities inspection.


What if I no longer stay in Malaysia?

Preorder cannot be refund/cancelled due this situation. However one exchange is allowed per preorder in 14 days before game release. The exchange items have to be equal value of Preorder Products.


How long can my Preorder item (s) reserve in Store?

If you already made full payment for the item (s), we can keep the item (s) for you more than 6 months. Otherwise, we have rights to forfeited your deposit and release your Preorder item (s) to others if you didn’t collect the item within 1 months of arrival.



System requirements for unreleased games and software may not be available, especially PC Games. If you’re not sure whether your system will be compatible with a preorder game or software, we recommend contacting the publisher directly, or placing your order after the game is officially released. Preorder/Purchase cannot be refund/cancelled due to circumstance beyond our control.